DynAMoS Database

This is the webpage for the DynAMoS database, which is a curated collection of affective movie clips, metadata about those movie clips, and ratings of the emotional content of those movie clips from a large group of anonymous research participants. Within this webpage, you can find information about the database as a whole, about each movie clip in the database, and about the database collection methodology. You can also request access to the database by signing a licensing agreement.

The DynAMoS project is a collaboration between the following researchers at the University of Kansas, McLean Hospital, and Brigam and Women’s Hospital. This website is maintained by Dr. Girard.

Jeffrey M. Girard, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Kansas

Yanmei Tie, PhD, MS
Brigam and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Einat Liebenthal, DSc
McLean Hospital
Harvard Medical School